How do I know if the artwork I am looking at is 'good'?

Grayson Perry answers the impossible question

One of my most frequently called on roles from clients is to verify whether what they are looking at is 'good'. There are particular questions along the lines of, "is this the best artwork available by that artist?", or, "is that artist worth what the dealers are asking?".


But what about the question, "what makes art good?"  And, not to split hairs, but "what makes good art?" (Bear with me on the grammar.)


There are all sorts of factors involved, not least politics and whether the artist is a darling of the art world's kingmakers. 


If you haven't heard Grayson Perry's now famous BBC Reith Lectures you are missing out. Grayson Perry is an English potter and tapestry maker - and Worzel Gummage-esque transvetite. His four hilarious lectures on the quality of art are brilliant; intelligent, witty, insightful and relatable. 


I highly recommend them for all lovers of art. Listen here

December 3, 2020