About us

  • We are independent of any dealer gallery, but work with most, to help you find what you need.

    We can help you with anything relating to art. Whether you need help buying art, selling art, surviving an auction, or finding or identifying the perfect artwork for your collection (whether you are a private, public or corporate collector), we can help,


    Art is the pinnacle of the creative mind and a joy to have in your life. Wonderfully, New Zealand art punches well above its weight and we are proud to work with artists and collectors to celebrate this.


    If you need an insurance valuation (for one, or hundreds of artworks), or you need conservation, framing or storage advice, the Art Counsel can do it all for you. We are independent of any dealer gallery, but work with most. Most importantly we focus on what you want - not what the person you are speaking to in the artworld is looking to sell you.


    The Art Counsel is passionate about breaking down the barriers of the art world. It is not an easy place to navigate. Whether you find it intimidating, overwhelming, out of reach, or a time sink you can't afford, we love simplifying it for you, to enable you to have fine art in your life, without battling the art world.


    Whether you are looking for your first artwork, are a seasoned collector needing advice on what next, or have too many works in your collection and need breathing room, we can help.


    James Blackie has owned and led one of the country’s leading dealer galleries for almost two decades. James established Page Blackie Gallery in 2007, and he has been proud to represent many of the country’s finest artists. He has also placed many of the New Zealand’s most important secondary market artworks in private and public art collections.