Marita Hewitt

In her Kerikeri studio
December 1, 2021



Wellington exhibition, December 2021


"Here I Am is set in an empty once-was a home, away from my home; where two new series of works play with autobiographical social realism come still life to posit a delicate urge to relate.

My Kerikeri home and environment act as active collaborators in studio, my gratitude as a steward of the land is a grounding and belonging that permeates both life and art practice as a reciprocal framework of the self. A passionate bricoleur by descent, I like to eulogise our well-used family clothing as whakapapa, destroying to create embodied handcrafted cotton linen and silk rag papers to paint on.


Painted pinned collages and sculptural paintings float in eerie banality side by side at
Sexton’s Cottage, offering a private glimpse of the most ordinary well-worn clothing
fragments, memorialised as though significant archaeological artefacts. History, trace and memory swarm with the present in carefully painted formed remnants, acknowledging my Dutch, Jewish and Ngati Porou lineages in a partial family tree by fabric.


In presenting myself as part of the circularity of this landscape, a patchwork of
accumulative ancestry, I am like anything and all of us: a fragile living history, a cultural
artefact of our time, or just a little bubble winking at the brim of a shaky civilisation."

Marita Hewitt, Nov 2021