An artist you may not know

But should

Meet James Ford. 


Trained at Goldsmiths in London, James has been a Kiwi for decades. His work is multi-displinary, from paint on canvas, to digital imagery on Calico, bronze sculpture, and digital video work. 


I always find artists who work in varying media fascinating, as it means they consider the best way to create what is in their head and which media that will require. There are a lot of great artists like this (Elizabeth Thomson, Richard Killeen, Julian Dashper, Reuben Paterson, Peter Robinson leap to mind) all of whom I admire greatly. 


James Ford equally draws on an incredible range of media in his work. James recently had a mini-survey show in Hamilton and received a great review that is worth reading on Eyecontact by Peter Dornauf.


As Peter says, James is confident enough to deal with the human condition. As a neo-conceptual artist, you have to be brave. Minimalist dot paintings force the viewer beyond the inane "I could do that" into the exploration the artist wants to you take: accepting or resisting the fundamental human desire to find order in choas: a face, a constellation, a dot-to-dot image. 


Read the review, have a look at James' website. And get in touch with the Art Counsel if you would like to know more, or see available works. 

December 4, 2020