Welcome to the Art Counsel

Welcome to the Art Counsel

It has been a long year since I closed Page Blackie Gallery. I am now delighted to let you know what my last year has held, and what the future holds - a brave new world in approaching the art world.

I am proud to announce the launch of the Art Counsel - a place for you to be introduced to artists, to seek help with buying art, selling art, to get advice on your art collection, to discover which artists to watch, and to answer the 'who next?' question. Or to seek help with technical advice, on art valuations, conservation, framing, art transport - if you have an art problem, we will solve it for you.

the Art Counsel’s vision is to make art and the artists behind the works more accessible for you. Since I closed the gallery, I have been overwhelmed by clients wanting independent and trusted advice for their collections. The art world has changed dramatically over recent years, particularly due to Covid. Collectors are constantly on the lookout for new art, but the available options are often overwhelming. And the old methods of visiting galleries either haven’t been available through lock downs, or are limiting experiences in what you can access. the Art Counsel exists to respond to these needs. I have been excited by how busy my last year has been working with artists and collectors and I am looking forward to working with you again, and to hearing what you might be looking for in a trusted advisor.

The links below will take you to my new website. The homepage features a studio visit with the great Andrew Drummond. Click through to step into Andrew's studio and take part in a discussion we had soon after the first lock down, about Andrew's life's work. Or click that image of me, below, to learn more about the Art Counsel. Or click to view a list of artists whose work we have handled and can source for you.

I will be in touch with new studio visits with artists, as well as information on new artists you might be interested in, individual artworks that are available, and thoughts on this wonderful but nebulous art world. Watch this space.

I look forward to working with you again. Get in touch!

James Blackie.

September 10, 2020