Art Counsel - Storage

The Art Counsel is proud to announce we will be offering climate controlled, alarmed, cctv monitored, swipe access, art storage.


We are having a bespoke unit built as we speak.


the Art Counsel receives enquiries covering a wide range of needs: 

  • "We're moving out in July, but not moving into the new house until October, where do we store the art collection?"
  • "I have one valuable painting that I want kept out of reach of children. Can you store it securely?" 
  • "I have a sculpture in a large crate, do you have a forklift?"


(Yes, is the answer, to all of these)


We already have a temporary secure facility up and running, until the opening of our facility, so get in touch for your art storage needs.


Our service is end to end - we solve your handling and storage problems, from wall to wall. 

June 1, 2021